I’ve always set myself some personal monthly challenges over the years but never really written them down. At the end of each year or sometimes at the start of a new one, I would create a list of some yearly goals. This would end up being a long unobtainable list with me inevitably not achieving any and then beating myself up and overanalyzing why. Failing to achieve these goals would also leave me feeling de-motivated.

Monthly Challenges

I decided to try out something new. I would set some personal monthly challenges that I’d like to achieve. The aim would be to not put any pressure or beat myself up if I don’t attain them. Most people believe that habits are formed by completing a task for 21 days in a row. So, the challenges I set myself would be things that I’d want to continue and hopefully form part of my everyday life. Getting into positive habits would help me feel more productive with my everyday tasks. I want my challenges to be simple and achievable, as the tasks I’d like to achieve work better by starting on a small scale.

Rule of Three

I decided to base my challenges on the rule of three principal. This meant that I would set myself three simple challenges every month. Under the ‘Monthly Challenges’ heading, I’ll be listing each month’s challenges with a brief explanation of why I want to achieve them. The theory is that this will make me more accountable by posting them publicly. Why not join me and create your own monthly challenges? Push yourself to achieve more each month. Feel free to tell me your own challenges by commenting below or by clicking here.


3 Rules For Actually Sticking to Good Habits – James Clear

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