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I’m Paul – a Welsh digital educator, coach, and aspiring nomad based in the serene village of Mumbles, South Wales. After an incredible five months exploring South America with my Bolivian fiancée, anchored in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and spending time in Brazil and Argentina, I’m now back home.

Thank you for visiting my blog, where I share my passions for technology, work, travels, and life experiences, wherever I may be. Hopefully you’ll learn something along the way and don’t forget to follow along on social media!


The start of a life changing journey: From Wales, UK to Reuniting in South America

The thrill of adventure often involves traversing time zones, enduring long flights, and embarking on journeys that challenge both the body and spirit. To me, even now it all still sounds like a novel, “one intrepid soul sets out on a voyage that spanned continents and cultures, leading to a heartwarming reunion and the fulfillment of a dream”.
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